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...Whilst its true in Galerie FB we have not made Matte for years we do make Glossy grade 2 and Glossy grade 3...
Readers please note that the surface of Ilfobrom Galerie, while called glossy by HARMAN, differs from the glossy surfaces of many papers, including other Ilford fiber based products. It is very smooth, lacking any surface texture which can interfere with fine image detail or detract from even sky appearance, and exhibits far less of the surface reflectivity that makes illumination angle so critical when viewing prints on typical fiber based papers.

I am anxiously awaiting delivery of whole plate Delta 100 from this year's special order run (hopefully) next month. In preparation, I've been calibrating my negative exposure/development and printing workflow using 5x7 Delta 100. Having just dry mounted the final resulting print from that effort yesterday, I can report that this is the most exquisite, straightforward materials combination I've worked with in nearly 45 years. Beside looking wonderful, no darkroom heroics are necessary to achieve very fine results.

In my opinion, those who lament the cost of Galerie compared to (disappearing) alternatives ought give this combination a try. It's possible that ease of obtaining excellent prints will substantially offset the paper's price. Even if it doesn't, HARMAN's commitment and manufacturing agility in a world of diminishing options are themselves worth a premium.

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