I have posted most of the basic information in my profile so I will just take the time to say "hello" and to explain my goal for being here.

I love a rather wide variety of photographic styles and genres. Sadly, I have very little photographic talent. I definitely do not much of a "photographic eye". I can appreciate quality images when they are on exhibit but I generally can not see a quality image in it's native environment. Maybe it's lack of experience, maybe it's lack of "creativity". Don't know. But the upshot of all of it is that although I enjoy and appreciate a variety of styles and genres I am unable to execute well in most of them.

Although I have dabbled in photography for a number of years I've never gotten serious about it, in part because my apparent lack of photographic vision. But I love photography and want to get serious about it so I have been experimenting with coming up with something within which I feel I do at least have some limited ability. I have recently been using primarily a DSLR for a few reasons: 1) Since I have been largely experimenting (which understandably results in a huge ratio of crappy images in comparison to not-so crappy images, it is much less expensive than paying for film and processing during this process; 2) The styles/genres I've been focusing on as a result of those experiments are well suited to digital, in part because the style/genre themselves have a high crap to non-crap ratio or they involve a great deal of image manipulation (which I am unable to accomplish via chemical processes since I have no capacity for those).

But I love film. To me, film is real whereas digital somehow is less than "real". (Don't ask me to explain it: It's irrational, I know, and i can't really explain it. I just feel that way. Felt the same way about drafting on the board vs CAD. Which is in large part why I never got a drafting job.) I want to get "back" into film photography but doing so will require me to explore photographic styles/genres which are better suited to film but to which I am not necessarily well suited. So, I am here to find guidance and assistance both in the technical aspects (finding labs, et cetera, which these days is becoming more of an issue with the decline of film photography) and the artistic aspects (finding a style/genre within which I can function and feel I at least have some vision).