I'm afraid I expected that answer from you.

My concern is that it is more than academic discussion. Hearing from a friend in Croatia who went to the plant just yesterday, it's more than just some papers - they are considering shutting down film production as well.

Anyway, those of us who still shoot infrared are already painfully aware of the cost. The IR film is already $13 a roll, so $15-17 is really not much more than that. I realize that IR is not a good product for a supply chain because of its short life. At best, I was hoping for an on-demand production once every two-three years, maybe bundled with the custom large format runs. Anyway, my freezer is getting full with very expensive film that is known to not last very long. Ouch


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Dear Eugene,

Firstly, whilst we see lots of rumours etc we actually do not know what is the status of FOTOKEMICA, so lets hope all of this a purely 'academic' discussion, and the products that you use from them will continue to be available.

As to IR emulsions, you are spot on, each film has great value, especially to those who use it. The problem with IR emulsions is that just not enough people use them I'm afraid. We are more than technically able to develop, coat and produce a full IR emulsion, the problem is that we would never get a return on our investment in developing the product and the time sourcing and approving the raw materials required, ask yourself this, would you pay $ 15 to $ 17 + for a single film?

IR is also especially difficult to sell through the supply chain, as it has a shorter date life than conventional emulsions and really needs proper storage.

We do sell an extended red film in SFX, in 35mm and in 120 and yes, it is not IR, but this product is part of our current portfolio and therefore is part of our commitment that we will not discontinue any product in the current portfolio.

Probably not what you wanted to hear, sorry.

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