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raw materials required, ask yourself this, would you pay $ 15 to $17 + for a single film?
Per roll for real IR? No problem. I've been paying $15 per sheet of Kodak Portra 8x10. What I'll miss is IR in sheet film. Again.

When Konica was making IR film, they made it in a run once a year, not the year round. That could be a valid model for Ilford, too. When the Konica run came out, it sold out fast. You bought your film for the year, and that was it. Another thing to consider is how many people would put up money in advance for the yearly run. Kieth Canham takes preoders for custom cuttings of Kodak sheet films. What about taking a preorder for a master roll of IR? Like a Kickstarter project? (I don't mean actually using Kickstarter, just that sort of a model.)

The one thing that bugs me about this "no profit in IR" is that Efke apparently was making a profit with it. Why else would they have been making it? And available in 8x10 sheet film, no less. Did they have some sort of extra-cheap IR dye? Or was is producing the dye a labor-intensive process, so it's economical to produce in eastern Europe? I dunno.