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Do we know how many are subscribers?
Total subscription figures hover around 2-3% of total registered user base. That's been consistent over the last 5yrs. With the global economy this has decreased. Also, not all subscriptions are created equal. Some do not take out 1yr subs even when they do subscribe. For a while we were only getting $12 a year student/financial hardship subs -but I had to cancel that option to try to get the financials improved as things were getting a bit scary. Luckily the one thing that does manage to save us are when occasionally members subscribe for more than the minimum amount asked for (however this too has dropped significantly with the economy). Not to mention a record strong NZ dollar no longer allows for a regular sub to provide more dollars here in NZ. So, all in all APUG isn't exactly a full time income. It takes many side projects and my wife being a piano teacher for us to get by. Also, keep in mind that 59k user number is over nearly 10yrs and many come and go. We do register 5-600 new members a month but as with most Internet sites people expect everything for free online, and we only get a fraction of subs in comparison to the large monthly registrations.. Should we open the gallery to non-subscribers? I fear if we did that we would lose our biggest draw for subscriptions..