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Limiting the number of "free" posts is an idea, but it may turn some people off to the site. There seem to be people new to analog (or just returning to it) who won't justify subscribing, just yet.
I'd probably open the Gallery up to everyone, for a week (or a month), let them post, or comment, during the "intro" period. My guess is it would get a lot more subscribers. At the end of the "intro" period, it goes back to subscriber only. Rather than turn people off, it could turn them on...
Might be possible to have some sort of trial, but they can see the thumbnails and comment activity already. One issue is often a subscriber does not re-subscribe then requests removal of their images (because they can't access their images when the sub expires). That could get tedious if 100's of new gallery users appear for trial periods. Then there are those who will simply keep registering fake names to get their free trial access. It could be an interesting experiment though. I am also considering that every x amount of posts by a member they are presented with a subscription information page before they can continue using the site. I have seen this on other forums. It presents with the information then the member can click "subscribe" or "not right now".