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To be honest I was under the impression that unless you took a picture of a 100% analog print, then it wouldn't be found acceptable. Since I don't have a darkroom, I don't have any analog prints. I did look in the FAQ one day when I was considering a couple uploads, and didn't see anything about the Gallery, so I forgot about it.

Later I did see on the Gallery upload page that negative scans are excepted: "We still accept neg scans in the galleries. We accept that some adjustment of contrast, brightness and sharpness may be needed to match the physical print and, for negative scans, to approximate a straight print." But what is a "straight print?" And does, "We still accept neg scans" mean they won't be in the future? What about digital dodge and burn and dust removal?

Being new I really didn't want to ask those questions but since you asked......
Being new, you should ask.

I'll defend to the death the right to digitally remove dust from a scan.

As for the rest, in the past I've used the phrase "you should only do the things with a scan that you have to do when you print in the darkroom". By that, I mean choose an appropriate crop, good exposure, useful contrast and, for colour, colour balance. You should also avoid the extremes that are available only in the digital world, if possible.

Dodging and burning is definitely on the edge, but I'll confess I've darkened a sky or two in my time.