After 6 months of moderate use, my Hanna pHep-5 meter developed a problem in its electronics making the display hard to read. Hanna has a couple of aspects of poor design, so I've decided to buy another meter from a different maker. I'll first buy a new meter, and then return the Hanna for warranty-replacement so I won't lack a meter during the return process. I'll end up with two meters.

I'd like a meter that has an accuracy of +/-0.02 pH, and that uses a standard BNC connector. Price around US$200-300. Any recommendations?
There are many meters on the market, and here are a couple that appeal to me:

Cole-Parmer meter:
This meter lacks bells and whistles, but looks solid with good resolution. Probe must be purchased separately.

Sper 850056 kit:
More features than the Cole-Parmer, and includes a probe, for a lower price. But I wonder if the quality of this is good enough. I'm leery of anything that looks like mass-produced junk.

Oakton sells many lower priced meters, but my concern as always is the quality.

Opinions are encouraged!

Mark Overton