Other things that can be done... Adjust pH. Lower pH within reason, using citric acid will increase contrast.
Hi PE,

Now that I think I have solved my coating problems, I am doing some analysis on my current (and only, really) emulsion. I am digging through some old information here in the forums and have a question relating to your comment about pH. As I have mentioned before, this batch, an SRAD loosely made according to Denise's TLF#2 recipe, is slow, low contrast and fogged and the fog seems to be getting worse over time. I attempted to do some sensitizing using sodium thiosulfate, and according to what I read above, clearly used too much. At this point I am getting to the end of the pot and am starting to think about making a new, smaller batch. But I'd like to use the rest of this batch for some experiments. I have between 50 and 75ml left.

Anyway, my question. The last 20ml coating I made, I checked the pH and it read as 7.3. The meter seems to be calibrated OK, so I think that number is good. To try improving contrast, what pH might I want to shoot for? Also, how much effect would pH have on fog level?

-- Jason