Hopefully there will be some clarity on the film division of Efke and SOON. I love Efke 25 and I am ready to pull the trigger on a sizable purchase in various sheet sizes. But I refuse to buy something I know or looks like its going away. I have done that in the past and decided to not do it again, its just putting off the inevitable. I am holding my wallet for a week or so until there is again hopefully more clarity. My fav films are Kodak Tri-x and Efke. Ilford is OK from my experience, and I honestly have not spent the time to dial it in and others have undoubtedly done great work with it. So I am sure it can deliver just a question of some personal tests. But it can't be denied there commitment to film is making me seriously give them a look and sooner rather than later. The likes of Simon on here also goes miles in leading me in that direction. But I really would miss Efke 25 and not sure what film is a substitute, the tonality just speaks to me. However on the few occasions that I have shot pan-F I have seen it capable of similar tones that I like. I wonde,r if Efke goes is it unreasonable for a sheet version of panF to be a replacement??? Simon says????