I am doing the opposite. I like Efke 25 quite a bit and use it in 4x5, 120 and 35mm. Unfortunately my budget won't allow a massive one time purchase, instead I have to spread it out. Last month I made a sizable purchase of R 25. This month I'll pick up a few bulk rolls of KB 25. In September, God willing and the creek don"t rise, I'll purchase some more PL 25. In October I'll start the process all over again. It should save quite well in the freezer and eventually I'll have enough to keep me using Efke 25 film for quite a few years during which time I hope someone else comes out with a useful alternative. If not, I will still be able to enjoy this film for a while longer. Hopefully the price won't start getting too high before I get a bit laid by in the freezer.