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The F2 when coupled with the motor drive is an impressive looking machine. I've never owned or used the motor drive, and I have a F4s so I likely don't need another camera with a motor drive, but one day I'll get one anyway.

Any preferences for a motor drive? MD-1, MD-2 ??
The MD-2 has a plastic gear that loves to self-destruct. Get an MD-1 or consult Sover Wong for an easy fix for the MD-2. I have an MD-1; it's damned heavy but I can't imagine life without it, mostly because I like having a hand grip (I don't use a camera strap; my camera needs to be in my hand, ready to go, or else it doesn't get used).

If you can get a battery pack with the AA holders, lithium batteries work great. They make the camera top-heavy though.