Found this poor thing sitting in a camera shop for display purposes.....traded them a busted-up Minolta XE7 with a jammed shutter for it. Winning.

So far I'm certain everything works, I think 1/10 and 1/25 are a bit fast I need to check the shutter speeds tomorrow. It's MINTY.....but the lens is cloudy, not sure if it's the front or inside. Can I use standard glass cleaner on it? Otherwise, I love it. Test roll going in tomorrow if the shutter speeds check out. How do you rewind the film on it once it's all shot up?

The camera on the right came from the same shop a few months back, it's off to Mark Hama for a CLA and parallax adjustment soon. Use it a lot for landscapes, so infinity focus is pretty easy to find. Love the 1.4