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What I think Simon meant was more something like 30-40$ apiece.

What absolutely frustrates me is KODAK. Kodak was supposed to be a prime player in the whole industry, thanks to its R&D (Nasa and other companies needing a company like what Kodak "was" comes to mind). If Kodak was normally managed, by people of average intelligence, it could have easily kept all its FILM and PAPER Division Intact (IR films and Kodachrome included) just for the sake of Americana Folklore, even if that particular film division would be losing money. Kodak would have been able to afford to lose money on that division for the sake of being a leader.

But no. Martinez, I mean Gonzalez, no, I mean Perez had to turn Kodak into a shoe company. Or something like that.

Sorry for the rant.

Go Ilford!!
If Kodak was a hobby then Kodak can take a loss, but Kodak is a publicly traded company and needs to make money, if Kodak cant make money then it will end up with Studabaker, Pam Am and TWA. 20 years ago Kodak was a 20B company, today less than 2B, it's scale makes it diffcult make money with small runs of paper or film. Forte and Agafa faced many of the same problems in terms of scale and they are gone. I hope that Ilford and Forma hang on, and perhaps more Fuji products become avialable in the US.