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Inside EU isn't taxfree. It is only that there will be no import and thus no import-handling-fees. Which are main reason for not buying small goods from outside EU. Fees are some Euro 15 on a tax amount of some Euro 10. The same fee for some Euro 200 is obviously less trouble.

Odd, as MACOdirect is almost twice as expensive. Do they sell anything at all?

Should plan a trip to Prague and get the car-boot full
With FOMA, beer and sausages
Oops, that was my bad phraseology. I meant 'no VAT problems', not 'no VAT'! VAT is dealt with by the seller and added to the price charged so there is nothing extra to pay for the buyer when both are within the EU. I thought the start for import-duty was several groups of goods having a value over EUR150, or so it seemed. Is there something I've missed paying all these years??!!

I'm now looking very curiously at Maco's pricing . . . I was considering the Fomalux for 'something different' with 10x8" film contacts of pinhole and also with larger paper-negs. F64-like it is not