Hi all.

I am 51 years old, live in Norway (and Sweden sometimes too). Born in the US.

I have been photographing since I was 17. Switched to medium format when I was 28. I have never been a professional photographer, but take photography seriously. I was pleased to find APUG not long ago. It reminds me that analog photography has become something of a specialty nowadays. Or that I am getting old....

I have made my own net photo-gallery. Check out www.rhettrichwell.net. It should run in both IE, Firefox and Chrome. I recently also accessed it on my Android smartphone. Please tell me if you encounter any bugs/glitches. I'll be happy to fix them.

I have a Hasselblad 501CM camera with an 80mm and a 120mm, two A16 magazines (one of which needs maintenance, though apparently this is no longer possible here in Norway). I mostly do diapositive and hand process my own E6. I am the lucky owner of a Nikon medium-format scanner and use GIMP to make the final images you see in the gallery.

Regarding analog vs. digital, besides the satisfaction of the analog process itself, I think analog is a great way to view and store photographs independent of any technology.