Thank you Simon for taking this seriously! I really appreciate it. It is so refreshing to have a vendor that listens. At this point my biggest concern is that the know-how might disappear if Efke stops production. Once knowledge is gone, chances of it ever being recovered is close to zero since nobody would be interested in investing into R&D for such a small volume product.

Please keep in mind that IR film is much less price sensitive than regular film. If I'm planning to shoot IR, I'll buy the film no matter what the price is, as long as it is available. Check out HIE prices on e-bay. It's already $20-$30 per 35mm roll of a very questionable expired product.

It is a tripod-only film, so format does not matter much either, if it's only 120 film, I'll take the Mamiya, if it's 4x5 or 8x10, I'll take the LF camera, it really does not matter since I'm already lugging the tripod with me. I'd say for evaluation consider it a single format film.

Anyway, thank you for considering it. I really hope we could save the knowledge of how to make it, if not the product itself.


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Dear Eugene et al,

Let me have a look at some raw material requirements, PE makes the most pertinent point regarding IR sensitising dye. You must remember also that IR film availability only came about as a spin off from military ( aerial ) / scientific coatings that are obviously just not required anymore.

Whilst we have the capability to coat a very small run ( 5,000m2 ) you have to remember that is still 85,000 films.

Also, you cannot coat on one base, sheet film, maniature (35mm ) and roll film are all different bases.

I have to be honest I cannot possibly imagine that it could generate a sufficient ROI, but I will have a deeper look at it.

I will come back in a week or so when I have some more information.

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