I think it's an interesting question. Shooting film, to me, IS photography. I don't know much about digital cameras, and the only one I own is attached to my iPhone.

Sometimes I use the light meter that's available for the iPhone when I travel light (it's surprisingly good), and I get some looks sometimes from people who think I'm nuts as it looks like I'm taking a picture with the iGadget, and then another with the film camera.

In the end, I feel great about what I do. That's all that matters. When people ask about my camera I am usually very forthcoming and respectful about questions. Some go so far as to contest whether it's worth it to still shoot film, with all of the advantages of digital cameras and work flow, and I simply tell them that it gives me a hundred times more satisfaction to shoot film and print in the darkroom, that it's simply much more fun for me. In the same breath I tell folks that I fully understand why others might feel differently, but that I take pride in doing what I feel is right for me, going against the modern trend.
So, there is no self consciousness going on regarding shooting film. Just pride, a grin on my face because I'm enjoying myself so much, and just a hair of satisfaction that once in a while it spurs a great conversation when people are open minded enough (and I try to return the favor, obviously).