I just try as hard as I can to be invisible, unobtrusive and not very interesting. I'm busy, I'm a dinosaur, whatever, I just don't want to shoot a group of people in which 10 percent are looking right at me. I wear deliberately uninteresting clothing, I cut my own hair, and I wear shoes that I bought in a thrift shop. Not one thing is high contrast or bright in color. I can go anywhere. I have a bland, uninteresting face, and I deliberately groom to keep it that way. I'm a ninja. The invisible man. The man in black.

No, seriously, people do ask about the MF camera sometimes, I just explain that I really like film still, and that there are still many professionals and amateurs for whom digital has not yet provided a viable alternative, and that all of this equipment was good enough for Nat Geo and Cosmopolitan just a few years ago, so it's not like it's inferior equipment.