I recently got a roll of Kodak Vision 2 500T film. I've tried a few test rolls developing in both C-41 and B&W. The results I've gotten have not been good. I understand that ideally this should be developed in true ECN-II chemistry, and I have found the homebrew recipe here on APUG which I plan to try when I can buy the chemicals and once i know the film is good. I also know that good results can be had in C-41 (http://www.flickr.com/groups/diy_col...7629804159613/). The results on this link look better than I had expected was possible doing this in C-41 and he claims it is without color correction.

I shot 5 identical pics metering as 100, 200, 500 (500 is the native ISO), 800, and 1600. I have read tests that show this film can be used from 200 - 1600 without any push/pull. (http://www.ecn-2.com/vs/). I developed the test roll in fresh Rollei/Comprard C-41 chemicals. I removed the rem-jet with a washing soda presoak and an appropriate cloth before drying. Of the shots I took only the 100 was even scannable, but was still way under exposed. The first is the standard JPEG scan from VueSCAN. The second was the best i could get from a raw DNG with color correction in PS.
scan0007 copy.jpg
So where did I go wrong? Why do my pics look like crap? By the way, i also shot some outside. They looked worse.

There was no expiration date printed on the box, but i'm pretty sure all vision 2 is expired by now. I got it off ebay and the seller said it was purchased in '09 and refrigerated since then. Obviously I cannot verify this. I've had similar results with some Kodak C-41 that expired in 03. Is it possible that this film is just too expired and can't be salvaged? Or did I do something wrong in the developing?

Please help. I've got about 95 more feet of this stuff that I want to make good use of.