Just got this email today with some more info regarding the projected Jobo CPP3 processor scheduled to be shown at photokina:

JOBO introduces CPP-3 processor at photokina 2012.

The family of analogue photographers enjoys a steady membership
around the globe and pro-labs are continuing to decline in numbers.
The new CPP-3 processor offers repeatable high quality film
processing, using the tried- and-tested technology of rotary processing:
• Automatic agitation
• Automatic temperature control
• Freshness of chemical solutions (one shot processing)
• Economical usage of solutions, for intermittent work
• Processing time control
CPP-3 is an improved version of JOBO’s Colorprocessor CPP-2. It is
compatible with all JOBO film tanks and print drums and suitable for all kinds of silver halide films
and prints. With the JOBO Lift mounted on the processor it makes for easy and clean handling of
working solutions. These solutions can be conveniently held ready for use, in six individual one litre
bottles, each positioned securely in the water jacket.

See the full press release PDF attached here.
I can try to answer some questions if any one has them about this.
In any case - more good news, stuff is moving in the right direction!