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Just curious, but why do you need such a slow film in sheets? The reason for tolerating a very slow film, for me, was to get very fine grain.
On more of a 35mm way of thinking, it is an aperture driven thing. From the Sunny F16 Rule: At EI 25 in sunny conditions f2=1/1600 second. At EI 100 in sunny conditions f2=1/6400 sec. The fastest shutter speed on my camera is 1/2000 second so a 25 speed film is a good choice for wide open apertures. For me a film like Kodachrome 25 or Panatomic-X would see a fair amount of use. It is a pity that Kodak doesn't think so. If I try to use a 100 speed film, I have lost what are to me some very desirable apertures on my lenses. I have been using a fair amount of Efke 25 for these situations.