Rather than duckboards, take a look at a product called "Dri Dek." You can find it at restaurant suppliers or on-line (http://www.dri-dek.com/?gclid=CLCR84...FQ-R7QodFl0ANw). It is 12" tiles that snap together to form a custom sized mat. They will last forever and can be separated easily to clean the sink. Get black which will not show stains.

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Here's my B/W lab - been at it for over a year - now I'm processing film again. In there you'll see the 10X10 Durst L184 with 1414 cold light, an auto focus DeVere 504 (with ZBE controller and Ilford 600H V/C head) - film processing line with nitrogen burst agitation, paper processing sink, film dryer and big custom table that folds open on one side to allow use of Seal 500TX press. I still have things to finish up on, like building a print drying rack and some duck boards for the sinks. I have a power amp for my stereo, but still need a preamp and a tuner, gotta have music in the lab.