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Do the edge markings confirm that it's Vision 500T? Maybe the film is in the wrong can...
OK, I found the edge markings barely visible on the last roll that I shot. It says EH 38 1278 0223. I've read somewhere that the EH is kodak, but I could be wrong. Can anyone help me figure out the rest of the code?

@Athiril, thanks for your reply, but I am already aware that ECN-II chemicals would be better. I'm trying to verify that the film is good before I buy them. Besides, i know that some great results have been achieved with C-41, so I know that it can be done. Also, I've recently color corrected some negatives shot on kodak gold and they came out far better than VueSCAN's interpretation. Just invert the negative DNG by inverting the curves, then you can see the positive before doing corrections.