Hi all
I am having a ball with the Pentax Spotmatics now that I am retired and past middle age.
When they were being made and popular in the 60's, I couldn't afford the system. I had a new wife, kids maybe and happened on the way. I honestly couldn't afford to buy a camera at the time. Now that I am retired, I am having a good time buying, fixing, cleaning and so forth the system. I enjoy working with my hands and mind on anything that I want to know how it works
I have bought a bunch of Spotmatics, and have good ones also, that I enjoy taking apart and cleaning, adjusting, fixing, and just make it work good. I don't get into doing anything with the curtain but I generally just get the meter to work, change oil, lube job and just get it to running good.

I have so many now, that are working good, that I might just have to give some away.

Is there anyone else going through this stage in life???? I'm having fun.