Because so many people have asked me about these and the availability / price of parts, I called Leica USA today. The rear lens elements (which come as a set with the metal collars) are $98 each and Leica agreed to pay for US shipping.

The rubber eyepieces are $25 each and also are molded into their metal threaded collars, should anyone want to replace those.

So, these are the Leica USA prices. And if you wanted to purchase these and put them back in very close to like-new condition, this is what you'd be looking at cost-wise. Or you could purchase a pair of Trinovid 8 x 42 new (the 7 x 35 power sadly is no longer available) for $1,450 plus shipping (not from Leica directly but from another seller who I know nothing about).

Is any of this necessary? I don't know, because I don't know your personality. If you are like me, then the answer is no. If on the other hand you are the sort of person who might find it hard to sleep knowing the scratches are present or if you are the sort of person who only wants really nice and perfect things, then the answer may be yes. Could these lenses be polished successfully? I would say the answer is no because of the cost and risk of breakage and also you would definitely lose the coating once they were polished...that is to say polishing them seems to me to be a bad choice given the risks involved. So there is the universe of options.