There are at least three dedicated Jobo service stations in the US that i know of at this moment.
Jobo have mentioned they are working on a 115V CPP3 for the US market, not sure if it will be released at the same time as the 220V machines.

Jobo ATL machines are available as fully refurbished units, later models are even available new, CPP2 have and are available new, so is the CPE2 (though the price makes it a non issue for most\all).

pbr* is right - the idea of this new production is geared towards extremely small capacity runs, with the lowest possible amounts of chemicals needed for 1 or each roll in the system, as well as the ability to reuse some of the chemical components. That said, as we all know the Jobo is a modular system and on the CPP machine this means you can reach very high capacity volumes, the same as in any large ATL machine, with out the need for endless and complex pumps, motors and space and size limitations of the larger machines.
Not to mention the CPP2 has a 30 year history and the CPP3 will be improving some of the known issues, and adding new features. (most likely also creating some new issues to overcome, but thats with any new product).

Brian is also right, this price dictates that it will become cost effective after the first 400 rolls run through it. I guess after participating in APUG threads for more then a year now i realized that even for some "serious" shooters in this day and age, 20 rolls is a A LOT.

That does not mean folks shouldent team up and go commune style and pool their resources for the purchase of a Jobo machine (new or used). And besides any price tag shouldent be an issue for people who can spend 10 bucks a shot or more in 11X14 or whatever ULF.