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What a wonderful smooth grades at her face. Nobody makes this kind of lenses anymore. Her cheeks will pop up from the picture. Leica is little bit colder and gives more detail that I like it very much. Bokeh is not pleasant at that lens.
I do agree Mustafa, the Zeiss Pro-Tessar lenses render some beautiful images.

I just picked up another Zeiss Ikon Contaflex Super B (Uufta, what a name for a camera. I think I'll call her Connie for short.) with the full set of lenses. I love how those Zeiss Pro-Tessar lenses render colors so much that I decided I needed to be able to work with them again. It's a real shame that Zeiss Ikon never built any more lenses for it. Connie's meter works outdoors just fine if you shut it off once in a while and let it rest, a bit like myself. Indoors it is not very accurate so I don't even try and just use my little Voigtlander VC-1 instead. Connie does NOT have the interchangeable film magazine, which was a definite selling point for me after having fought with the two magazines on my Super BC for a year. And believe me when I say that loading film in Connie is an absolute dream compared to loading film in those film magazines, or my Leica for that matter.

Another thing I have noted with this camera, the viewfinder is absolutely beautiful to look through and it is clear and bright. I have always thought that the viewfinder in my LX was wonderful, but this is the first SLR I have ever used that matches the clarity of that LX viewfinder. Focusing with a viewfinder that you can see through is so much nicer.

I have taken a few shots and as soon as I get some printed and scanned I'll have to post some. Unfortunately the 85mm is showing some separation so I have sent it off to John at Focal Point, Inc. to be repaired. A bit pricey but nothing like these lenses cost when they were new. And certainly worth it for the image quality. At today's prices everyone should have the opportunity to work with these. It is a very under-rated camera in my opinion. I know that Zeiss went out of business but I think a large part was because they spent so much money making these cameras there was no way that they could operate at a profit. It certainly was not because they made inferior equipment, that is for sure!