According to the press release, and what i have been seeing personally in the past 2 years there has been an exceptional rise in demand for Jobo gear, for which ever reason.
They are calling it "record" sales in the press release. I guess if your last year sales were 0, then any sales are a record number, though the demand is there.

Why now, why this machine, why this price range\market - are all good questions i have not an answer for. But I do not think we are looking at a mass production to feed a massive global demand, rather a precise production to meet the demand of the existing market, along with support, that is part of a revitalizing of the analog market in general, which is something that we read about in that article a few months ago, about the new business model of the film industry (see lomo, ilford, kodak...).

Why is tetenal coming back to production and distribution in the US? who knows, its not like they were selling en mass before they stopped about 2 years ago, but i guess they have re strategized their market plan to create a more sustainable economic system to sell their products.

Only time will tell weather or not these moves by Jobo or tetenal meant anything or were just a cough in long history of the demise of film.