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I don't know if, by this, you're also referring to the format. I, like you, it seems, shoot LF. I mean, I'm doing it more and more and would hate to see this stop or to switch to digital backs and all that. More than in my SLR, LF is something I love doing on film, color, transparency, or BW. Thanks.
I'm talking in general. Color film production in other-than-35mm formats is highly dependent on motion picture film consumption. If/when film production in digital passes a critical-mass point, it will be no longer cost-effective to produce color emulsions. Part of the problem is that being able to sustain quality control for color film requires higher volume than b/w does. If you don't have the volume, the quality drops, and then you have a much higher loss at the plant, increasing costs, which then drives sales volume even lower.