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Exactly. So what makes the outlook rosier for JOBO--if that's your point? Still lots of $ soaked up by photography, just not analog photography in my area.
You so often forget, when this subject comes up, that your area is not everywhere and everywhere is not like your area. All the labs are not closed down where I live, nor are they where many Apuggers live. These Jobo units can serve well as part of an analog line of business for a multi-service, mostly digital photo store that cannot justify using the larger machines any more. You seem to think that the only way anything can be done is big, full time and in mass quantities, or it can't be done at all. That's just pure, out-and-out nonsense, as millions and millions of small business people around the world know.

Right-sized Ilford will be stomping on clumsy giant Kodak's grave. Fuji has made the transition to a right-sized film division surrounded by technologically related businesses where Kodak fumbled and failed, building a gigantic high-volume plant at just the wrong time. Kodak then proceeded to actively wreck their old business, not only before succeeding in anything new, but while failing in almost everything new. Not everybody in the film business is that colossally stupid.