Hello there!
My name is Nicholai, as my username implies.

I got into analog photography when i realized my OM-10/50:1.8 made better shots than my EOS 5D/50:1.4 - at 1/20th the price. I then over time acquired way too much gear. I still do that. I mainly shoot 35mm with OM-20 fitted with the standard 50:1.8 or a 28:2.8, and i shoot 120 on my Mamiya RB 67 ProS either with the 127mm or 50mm. I guess these focal lengths are roughly equal. I just like it.
I also have oddball cameras and i guess i have a small Diana collection too.

I want to get into alternative photography, but there are no suppliers here, and i'm trying to make an overview of where i can get it cheapest in other EU countries, as shipping is adding almost 50% of the value.

Hope y'alls having a good time!