I just acquired a mystery.

Just recently, I purchased two packs of well-expired what I thought was a regular sheet film. Got them and took it to my darkroom to examine....

What's in the light proof envelope is a pack, not sheets of film. Apparently, this is a pack of sheets of film with paper tabs attached to them.

On box, it says Kodak Tri-X pan professional, 16 exposures TXP 523 FILM PACK, CAT 140 3534

There seem to be very little known about this film....

Since this is a pack, does that mean I can take this pack out of the light proof back and examine it under normal light? Is there a way to take sheets out of the pack without destroying the whole thing? Since I cannot "see" what I have, there's no way to really explore my options.

I'm thinking someone here on APUG land knows??