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The denial is your refusal to see that there will be a post-collapse world of film, that it is possible to be successful in it, that some are positioning themselves to do so; and your insistence that any success they have will be a miracle. I didn't say it was a matter of the industry's intelligence - there are a lot of smart failures in this world. Whether these people succeed or fail will be a matter of wisdom.

Fuji and llford have both been able to survive the collapse where Kodak was not, and they did it in vastly different ways. Ilford did it by shrinking and focusing on excellence in a narrow product line, Fuji by expanding into seemingly unrelated industries based on their chemistry and coating technology. Can anybody clearly describe Kodak's approach in as few words?
I'm living in the cratered post-collapse present. "Last man standing" is a very chancy business strategy, especially if you're not concerned where all the competition went. Toronto is a large city with a sizeable photo community. Sad fact is, it presently supports only two surviving, first-rate pro labs with film services--Toronto Image Works and Bob Carnie's Elevator Digital. Cheap C-41 processing went with the demise of mass market 35mm shooters. So far, I'm seeing no notable(measureable?)uptick in film use. Ilford will hang on. Fuji could axe film tomorrow and never twitch.