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Fuji has made the transition to a right-sized film division
Film sales for Fujifilm are 1% of its gross revenue. That is their "right size," i.e., just about being gone without being totally gone. I'm sure that Ilford's photographic product sales are a much larger slice of their gross revenue.

Anybody remember when the CPP-3 was first posted on this board, some people thought that it could be a hoax? I welcome the news that it's really coming. Jobo thinks that there is a market for the new machine. I don't remember the last selling price of a CPP-2, but I do remember that those machines weren't cheap, either. The processor will sell because there is a market for it. In my state, nobody processes large format color film. Nobody. I send it out to Praust in Rochester, NY. They have a snappy turn-around and do a fine job, but I'd just like to do it here, and I mean locally and conveniently. The local labs have either not done a good job or else aren't convenient, at all. This year, so far, I've spent at least $800 on film, maybe more than $1000. So yeah, there's a few of us for whom this stuff is economical.

Besides, a Nikon D800 definitely isn't in my future, not as long as I can buy film.