CGW - the fact you personally or anyone in tornoto for that matter is not seeing an uptick in film use\sales does not mean its not happening.
Lomo say they have increased sales 200% of roll films they "manufacture' (re brand) between 2009 and 2011.
Kodak is still calling the film production unit of the company one of the only sources of prfitable revenue for them with a steady albeit slow rise in the past 3 years (same period).
Wither way. even though the demand\sales of film today are marginal compared to what they were in the height of commercial film sales, there is no doubt the usage is increasing following the switch to digital that has takes place over almost a decade, and is now more or less pretty much finalized.
Who ever is buying film today is doing so out of a specific choice, which makes it a different type of market, with different aspects of customer base and dedication to particular product.

All it is, is a niche market, kind of like macrame, that is steadily growing.