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Well, it's time for me to knock down my backlog of c-41 films, so I need to get some c-41 chems so I don't go broke.


Freestyle has both powdered press-type kits and liquid mixing kits available. What are the primary differences between these kits? Is one better than the other? More importantly, which is more stable and has the better ability to push it past it's recommended maximum amount of rolls processed? The quality of stabilizer isn't an issue, i have Kodak stabilizer that i mix up for stuff like this, but i was wondering what the advantages / disadvantages are of powdered / liquid c41 kits.

Powders are cheaper to ship due to weight, may not be subject to hazmat fees, and as long as the package is kept dry, may be good for many years. you need to be very careful to work in a well ventilated area, you don't want to breathe in any of the powder. They can be a lot harder to mix, and may not be usable right away. You generally can't divide them up, and need to mix all in one go.