I doubt that,
Cat converters are killed by sulfur and other metals/nonmetals... but start the car by pushing shouldn't do it. Me guesses it has to do more with all the electronics that are found inside engines these days....
I learned the hard way (by helping a friend in dire need) that you can;t just change the battery of the car anymore, have to take it to the dealer! They have to "reset" the onboard computer, otherwise power windows and central lock stopped working :ROFL"

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Nige - bump starting a car blows the Cat Converter, tha'ts why people are taught not to do it anymore (dont ask me how it does ... but it does aparently!)

I'm not sure what's worse about this ebay item ... the seller taking the stuff out of the pack, or me looking at it and wondering what the hell was the problem .. then reading down teh thread and seeing what people had said ... DOH - how could I have missed that!!! :o :rolleyes: