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If you want to verify the quality of the film, say grain, base fog and sensitivity, you can always try it as a B&W neg if C-41 is too much of a pain to get it working in.

For what it's worth my 50D came out super thin in C-41 too, but my C-41 process is good, I run it almost daily.
Just tried another roll as B&W, stand developed in Rodinal 1+100 for an hour (ok, 55 minutes. I'm I was feeling impatient). These results turned out as well as I could expect for B&W xpro. The frame I posted was metered at 500. I think 400 might be a sweet spot for this film. I tried some illfosol 3 following dev times for Tri-X with bad results the other day. So far I like these and at least have a good use for this film now if I cant get good color results.
Scan-120810-0008 copy.jpg

Right now i'm trying a stand develop C-41 with Rollei/Comprard chems at 1+9 for 1 hour. I'll post later how those turn out.