Back to the focus of this thread, I'm excited about the JOBO CPP-3 announcement. I see a definite need for equipment like this in the coming years as more and more big labs shut down. I hope that fixes for any early problems that show up in the 220v version get incorporated into the 115v US version.

I have a CPP-2 now. Two, in fact, one in need of repair. I'd love to know if the lift from a CPP-2 will fit the CPP-3. That would save a chunk of change, allowing CPP-2 users an easier upgrade to a CPP-3.

I'd also like to hear more about the built-in timer for up to 10 processes. Is it just a timer that signals at the conclusion of each step of a programmed process, or does it have features that help automate processing, like activate a motor-driven lift? That would be cool.