Ok. I'm not against it, just wondering. My own 4x5 could benefit from more speed rather than less. I normally shoot TMY-2 and that's usually fast enough but I find myself shooting near sundown, with wind moveing things I don't want motion blurred or whatever. Most of the time I could also be fine with 100 speed, but I certainly never have had a need for anything slower than 100, especially considering I normally shoot with at least a #8 and more often a #12 yellow filter already and, even if I did, modern films will not suffer the slightest from a one stop overexposure.

The above is in reference to 4x5. With handheld cameras I'd go beyond saying I never need anything slower than 100 to saying that I can rarely use anything slower. I do shoot some Pan F+ but I develop that in Diafine to get what speed I can and to tame the contrast a bit. And it's not that often I find I can use it. But I rarely shoot in bright sun.

Just goes to show, that's why even now there are many different films.