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Out of interest, how would one deal with this in the colour darkroom? If it was a question of burning in her face, at what point do you accept the way the film renders tone?
Make the best possible print you can. Represent reality as realistically as you can. Re-print lighter or darker if your print isn't liked by the customer.

I'm finding it interesting that some people seem to know what color that lady should be, yet only the photographer (as far as I can tell) has actually seen her.

I can tell you for a fact... there is no one color (colour), nor a "most likely" color for a person-of-color. They come in a wide variety of shades, tones, etc.... for a variety of historical, genetic, or genealogical reasons.

She looks just like an Auntie of mine who is from Jamaica... similar color... so what... some do and others don't.