Look, I KNOW about shooting wide open and depth of field.

But 250mm at f/2 on 35mm? You want one freckle on the front of a cheek sharp and ones on the back blurred? Well, ok, whatever floats your boat. I'm not questioning wide apertures for that. I'm just wondering why, say, f/4, isn't wide enough, at 250mm.

I sometimes like shooting 4x5 lenses wide open too. But the fastest one I have is f/4.7. The other two are 6.8 and 7.8. The 4.7 might be challenging in bright sun with 100 film, but I don't shoot it in bright sun.

But whatever and ok. None of us HAVE to shoot film or make photographs anyway (I mean, we may be driven to but would not die if we didn't.) So if that's what you enjoy have at it, and I hope Efke 25 continues to be available for a very long time!