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I'd be tempted. If my CPE2 dies, I probably WILL buy one.

I can get 4x5 E6 done locally in Atlanta - for something like $3 a sheet I believe. Forget that, at least for doing very much of it. I send my 35mm and 120 to Dwayne's but will probably stop that. I just lack time to do it myself. But I'm trying to change that. Since I have the CPE2 I don't really NEED the new machine (though Expert drums would be nice) but could definitely see springing for it, after the new view camera I've promised myself anyway.
For those of us where commercial E6 souping is $10/sheet, this product makes a lot of sense. I won't get one because I have a CPP2 and I suspect that people like me (i.e. those holding previously-sold product) are the main barrier to Jobo, not the overall state of the market. So I think it will sell quite slowly but clearly Jobo is fine with that - it's an old design on old tooling, they can run up a batch and warehouse them until sold; it's not like they're perishable goods. They ought to know their market better than any waffling prognosticators on apug.

Edit: check out the current market price of $650 for a 3010 tank if you think there's no demand for these products.