Thank you all for being so helpful!
The 'A' and 'M' function on my camera lens would appear to not be working as it should. I managed to get a hold of a second Jena DDR 50mm and the noticeable difference between the two was that, if I was to click between stops on the aperture ring, I could see it opening and closing. So I'm guessing the pin/mechanism in my lens body was faulty?

Just for anyone that's curious, or if anyone comes across this with a similar problem, when shooting in 'A' mode, you can preview the depth of field by pressing the shutter release half way, without actually taking the shot.

Thank you again everyone!

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In the lens manual mode, you should be able to see the aperture open and close as you move the aperture ring. If I understand you correctly, this isn't happening.


My comments were based on an Exa I had in 1955-1957 which, after checking the web, is a far different camera from the later Exa 1B the original poster has.