So I'm planning to buy the equipment needed to process my own films, and spend some winter evenings developing. I'll most likely get the Arista premium processing kit from Freestyle. I'll probably go for XTOL as my main developer, since I've been told it's relatively benign both to me and the environment. I'll want to try C-41 as well, and will probably start with the Unicolor powder kit. I looked at the Digibase kit from Macodirect, but I was worried about too little stabilizer included in the kit.
(The Arista liqiuid C-41 kit is not available to me, since I don't live in the US. The Tetenal kit from Macodirect is an alternative.)

I'm wondering what to do about water. The stuff on tap is unfiltered well water, and apparently somewhat hard water. Should I get one of those filter jugs and filter water that way? Would that be adequate? The alternative is bottled water. I suspect there's enough crud in the tap water to make permanent spots on the film.

Do I need hypo clearing agent?