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Totally agree but that needn't mean new or modern. I like my Luna Pro SBC too - same meter with an updated cell and uses an available-anywhere 9v battery.
I have a Gossen Profisix (Luna Pro SBC) I retired to my sock draw about two years ago because modern digital light meters also have Silicon Blue Cells, often 2 and are much quicker and simpler to operate, can read the light to 1/10th of a stop, are much less cumbersome, and more versatile can read a mixture of ambient light and flash and balance them, have a built in 1 spot meter and remember up to 9 meter readings and average them if required. The Lunapro S.B.C was a cutting edge meter more than twenty years ago but in my humble opinion the modern digital meters are much better and my Kenko KFM 2100 runs off a single AA battery which is even more common than a 9Volt PP3.