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Take a Leica with a 50mm lens and losts of film. I'd take the Olympus XA as a back up.
Gonna hijack my own thread.

I'm a bit of a nascent tool freak (I own 5 Estwing hammers) and for the last few weeks I've been flirting with buying a late M3, perhaps because I've not the sense not to. Also because I'm convinced Leica will eventually stop production of film bodies; they're too small of a company and just can't spread themselves too thin. If that happens prices for M3s will take off even for a beater. Thought it would be better to get one now. It's still an 'angst' purchase but at least the price would be tolerable.

Lenses are another matter. They're always so expensive. I'd have to settle on just one, probably the 50 Summicron. No Asph, no APO. Or I'd get the 35 Summicron straight and keep the frame lines in my brain. In any case, for the price of a lens alone I could hire someone to carry my Nikkors in Europe for a week. Then I wouldn't have to worry about what lenses to bring.