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It was the millions of consumer 'memory capturers' that made high volume color film and paper production possible (not 'photographers'). They now seem to have moved to smart phones to do this. For many years it's been my hope that people would recognize the limitations digital images have in longterm image storage and retrieval and recognize that silver halide film materials offer the ideal archiving medium properties (long life and human readable). Sadly, this doesn't seen to be happening, and this new market for silver halide material that could keep the manufacturing volume up will never develop.

Sorry, but buggy whip manufacturing equipment requirements have nothing in common with film.
Your post does remind me of a notable Mark Twin quote:

The reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated.

The discussion is not whether film will regain its once mighty status. No, that ship has sailed. But whether film will remain a viable product and choice for photographers, be they pro and serious amateur for some time to come or even indefinitely. For that it will hold a place and will just as vinyl records, buggy whips and wagon wheels are still made keep its place. It may ebb and flow in popularity but it as a niche shall small or larger still remain.