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I think there are actually two questions:

1. Does film have a future?

2. Does AgX photography have a future?

The answer to question 1. depends on the future demand for film. If at some time the demand for film products drop below a critical level (and none of us know what that is), film is gone.

The answer to question 2. is only a function of the interests of present and future experimental minded photographers. As long as people care enough to experiment and make their own emulsions, AgX photography will survive.
I buy my crystal balls from the same outlet as everyone else, but the above is spot-on and inarguable. My personal opinion for #1 is that commercial film is going to be around for a long, long time. It may get rather expensive, but that will only serve to increase its desirability. People will talk with envy of the day when they 'can shoot film'. Same for the framed 2-dimensional analog print. Anyone just getting started now who thinks they want a longterm career in photography would be very smart to nail down chemical work just as much as bit chomping.

#2 is totally out of the theoretical closet. Superb materials can be made -- are being made-- and for a pittance of the cost of commercial. That differential is only likely to increase. Silver gelatin photography is never, ever going away.

Doomsdaying the future of film is a very strange hobby. Three cheers for all the sane, affirmative voices that keep repeating the joys of film. Thanks!